Organized crime involved in tax refund scheme targeting victims throughout South Florida

Three victims open up about what you need to know

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Thieves are using the good names of others to steal their money.  It's happening more in South Florida than anywhere else in the country.

The Contact 5 Investigators spoke exclusively with three victims.  They all have different backgrounds, but have all been victim to same sneaky scheme.

"It's been a nightmare," said Tony Carpentiere.

They didn't do anything wrong, but they're all suffering from the same epidemic.

"The bad guys were in and out in five minutes," said Beth Saitta.

"What amazes me is they can't catch these people," said Jacie Keeley.

Friday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11, you'll see firsthand how criminals are taking extreme measures to steal your information.

Prosecutors are calling it an "epidemic" - one you could be a victim of right now and not even know it.  Join us for out special report, Friday night.

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