Contact 5 uncovers clues that could have prevented Indian River County Jail escape

Two years ago two inmates at the Indian River County jail made a daring escape.

At the time Sheriff Deryl Loar described the breakout as an "elaborate scheme."

But now the Contact 5 Investigators have found some missed clues that Sheriff Loar says possibly could have prevented the escape of Leviticus Taylor and Rondell Reed.

Deputies found the escape plan drawn up by the two inmates, and how they deceived jail guards into thinking they were asleep when the breakout occurred.

But we found another clue in their plan to escape.

Sheriff Loar had never seen it until we showed it to him.

After watching it, he said he was "shocked."

On NewsChannel 5 Monday at 11 p.m. we'll show you what happened inside the jail visitation room could have prevented one of the most infamous jail escapes in Indian River County.  

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