Contact 5 investigates 911 dispatchers sleeping, making mistakes on the job

Monday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11

You call 911 in an emergency, when every second counts.

But in some cases, calls for help aren't getting transferred – even deliberately ignored. 

And it's all caught on tape.

The Contact 5 Investigators spent the past five months reviewing 911 calls, videos and taped interviews. 

What they found may surprise you.

From dispatchers caught on camera snoozing on the job, to not sending emergency medical help, to hanging up on callers.

"I don't need to explain my job to you sir," one local dispatcher said as he hung up the phone.

After the Contact 5 Investigators started looking into the issue, leaders in one city are taking a closer look at what's being done to keep you safe.

The results of the Contact 5 Investigation Monday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11.

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