Contact 5 investigates 911 delayed response to crisis at daycare facility

Tuesday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11

The Contact 5 Investigators have been uncovering 911 dispatching problems in South Florida, from hanging up on callers to not sending medical help to people requesting it.

Now, they're learning new details about a recent high-profile case that has some parents concerned.

It started when a man walked into a local daycare saying God sent him to take the children. 

"I was just shaking, I was just so afraid that something bad had happened,' said mother Melissa Kaplan.

So why did it take deputies close to 40 minutes to show up?

"That's enough to scare me," said Kaplan.  "They're like, ‘Everything's ok now' but it's not ok," she said.

That day Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office officials said the delayed response was due to a "shift change problem."

The Contact 5 Investigators obtained personnel records and 911 dispatch calls and uncovered what really happened.

See for yourself Tuesday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11.


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