After Contact 5 investigation into guardrail end terminals Florida lawmaker calls for investigation

Slosberg calling for investigation into guardrails

West Palm Beach, Fla. -  

The Contact 5 Investigators have been looking into the safety of the guardrails that line our roadways and now, Florida State Representative Irv Slosberg wants answers.

After studying accident after accident, the Contact 5 Investigators found a commonality: the same type of guardrail was involved in each accident.

The guardrail manufacturer, Trinity Industries, made a change to the design of one of its popular guardrail end terminals, the ET-Plus, without first telling federal or state highway officials.

Slosberg says getting answers should be easy. "All you have to do is to find out statistics on the old guardrails versus new guardrails and find out what the truth is," he said.
Answers should be forthcoming because Representative Slosberg heads the state's transportation committee.

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