Moore, Okla., residents allowed to return to damaged homes after tornado tears through community

MOORE, Okla. - Two days after an EF-5 tornado tore through the town of Moore, Okla., residents are being allowed to return to where their homes once stood.

Security is tight, with 49 checkpoints manned by law enforcement personnel from all over the state, but more and more residents have been allowed inside the destruction area.

The Oklahoma National Guards is stationed in various neighborhoods Wednesday, allowing some residents inside, though it's a case-by-case basis.  By 3 p.m. all residents will be allowed back into their neighborhoods, said Moore Mayor Glenn Lewis.

Troopers, guardsmen and local police are asking residents for proof of identification before allowing them back into their homes.

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Officials say those who remained inside the security perimeter have been allowed to stay since the storm.

"We know they've been traumatized.  If we don't have to move them out we're allowing them to stay," said Trooper Betsy Randolph.

Gary Adams, a lifelong Moore resident, rode out the tornado in his storm shelter.

"It sounded like a freight train that the tracks were running right over the top of you," he said.  "I mean, it shook the ground, even though I was six foot underground."

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Adams' home is just 100 yards from some of the worst destruction, though his home is still standing.

"I feel so blessed, I am just blessed," he said.  "I know a lot of people that lost everything over there and I am just blessed, shook up, probably still be shook up hearing that tornado sound for a while."

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Adams has had a storm shelter for about two years.  Before the storm he says it was full of water, but his wife urged him to get it ready for Monday's severe weather.

"I finished maybe an hour before the sirens went off," he said.

Adams has been able to stay at home after the tornado, but others were asked to leave.

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