Kimberly Lindsey report details fear of ex-husband

Kimberly Lindsey, the Bak Middle School nurse who was found decapitated in Hendry County, was worried about what her husband Albert might do to her.
So she was learning to protect herself.
The PBSO  report into her death - and the death of her ex-husband, Albert Lambert, - says Lindsey had been taking classes at the Shoot Straight Shooting Range on Southern Boulevard.
All through the 68-page report, as detectives tried to figure out what happened to Kimberly Lindsey, few told detectives they suspected Albert Lambert.
Detectives noted co-workers did not "note any unusual behavior on behalf of Dr. Lambert," and that there were, "no periods of time where he was unaccounted for."
His girlfriend even told said today that the day after she went missing, she spent time with him and noticed nothing strange.
But Kimberly Lindsey's fear developed after Lambert's daughters learned he'd bought a gun, which they found unusual because he never "showed interest in owning one."
Detectives interviewed a long-distance boyfriend who lives in Washington State named Scott Tyra.
He'd known Lindsey for forty years, and said only a few knew they had been dating since 2010.
He told detectives "she was afraid Lambert would pay someone to harm her." 
Kimberly was attending firearms training and was in the process of getting a gun permit.
The report says, "On one occasion, Albert told Kimberly that "she would disappear and he would leave the country, that he has money stashed away and the government will never know."
The last text the boyfriend got from her was Oct. 27, telling him to call her before bed.
That never happened.
The next day, she didn't go to work and was reported missing.
On Oct. 30, she was found in Hendry County, shot in the chest with no fingertips and headless. 
A week later, Lambert was found overdosed on Vicodin at his sister's home in Miami.
Deputies may still charges against her.
A funeral is planned for Kimberly Lindsey a week from Saturday, in her home state of Texas.
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