Lagoon Keepers raise another boat off the bottom of the Intracoastal

Riviera Beach, Fla. - Another sunken hazard was removed from the Lake Worth Lagoon Thursday. The mast of an old sailboat has been barely sticking up out of the water, making it a navigational hazard. Now, thanks to the non-profit Lagoon Keepers, it won't be anymore.

Greg Reynolds runs the Lagoon Keepers. "The sailboat we're dealing with today is a 33 ft. sailboat. It happens to be our 190th vessel removed from the waterways in Palm Beach County.

Greg Reynolds started the Lagoon Keepers 10 years ago when he saw nobody else taking responsibility for debris in the waterway. An avid boater and water lover, he wanted to keep his waters clean, and he definitely has.

"We've averaged about 4-thousand pounds of debris a week. For the last 10 years coming out of the Intracoastal Waterway, " said Greg.

This boat sunk right off Phil Foster park back in March, and has been collecting barnacles ever since.

Now that the boat is raised, they use Towboat US to tow it to Rybovich Yacht Center for dismantling.

Greg explains, "Once all the recyclables are removed then Home Choice will bring their hydraulic clamshell truck, and they'll crush the vessel up and put it into the back of their truck and take it to the landfill."

The 'Keepers get grants for some of the equipment but have to come up with rest through fundraising, sponsorships, and private donations.

Most of the physical work is done by hard working volunteers.

"So, it's all local people, bringing together all the resources needed to take care of a problem," said Greg.

With the help of law enforcement, they are able to get permission to remove the vessels.

There are 17 more, waiting to be pulled up.

"Most of those 17 have already been cleared by law enforcement, so there's plenty of work, there's just a shortage of funds."

If you can help check out

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