Kids enjoy the last day before school starts

West Palm Beach, Fla. - While the summer winds down, the fun heats up.

Palm Beach County students aren't ready to trade in summer freedom for the classroom just yet… or are they?

When asked how they feel about going back to school, the Zoo Camp yells: "Yay!!!"

Monkeys and tigers and kids-- oh my!  The Palm Beach Zoo campers are on their last day of "summer safari," hanging out with the animals.  Ryan Baiano is a zoo camper and said "Today I'm going to see the panther, and the Burmese python!"

Morgan Roberts likes "birds, butterflies…I like them all!"

These kids know that the start of classes can sometimes just be an excuse to squeeze in some last-minute fun.

Veronica Morris starts middle school on Monday… her favorite part of going back to school?

 "I know it's crazy but I like the shopping! (laughs)"

Her dad took the day off for one last day of summer fun. "We're gonna have  a little fun and then this weekend we'll have a little more fun and then Monday morning, rise and shine!" James Morris said.

From the outdoors of Zoo camp to the indoors, south Florida's Science Center and Aquarium is also busy today.

Mollie Scott is going into the 4th grade "[We're] Trying to make the most of the last day of summer, look at fishes and go to new places and try to have fun"

As the clock ticks down to Monday morning , the beaches become prime real estate too. some are trying to soak up some last-minute sun before they "dive into" the new school year

Don't forget with school next week there's going to be a lot of school zones that you're going to need to obey and slow down to keep our kids safe.


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