Insults, cartoons remain on Gulfstream home as town leaders testify in court

Homeowner may turn property into sober house

GULFSTREAM, Fla. - Insults and cartoons of Gulf Stream town leaders will remain plastered around the home of a nearby resident. That, just as some of those same leaders testified in court the paintings violate town policy.

"In my opinion they're out of control, they're arrogant and they need to be brought down a few notches," said Marty O'Boyle, referring to town leaders.

It's not the insults boldly written about Mayor Joann Orthwein and other commissioners that has O'Boyle before a Magistrate Judge, it's the array of colors he chose to go along with them. The town says it violates code.

"If you allow someone to have crazy colors that aren't compatible with our regulations, then the next person will say he got pink and I want blue," said Gulf Stream Commissioner Robert Granger.

Commissioner Granger and Mayor Orthwein were both questioned in Thursday's hearing. Both testified they had no decision in the matter to hand O'Boyle the violation. 

O'Boyle posted the sayings and signs on his home when the town rejected his plans to renovate his home earlier this year.

If the town wins this fight, O'Boyle says he's going back to federal court.

"After we leave, win, lose or draw, we'll go back to U.S. District Court and ask the judge to declare this ordinance unconstitutional," said O'Boyle.

O'Boyle says he may move out once this is all said and done, and turn his property into a sober house for recovering drug addicts.

"When people hear it, it's just like a pedophile moved into the neighborhood. They become immediately afraid and they shouldn't really because they're just recovering addicts who are entitled to the same rights as you and I," said O'Boyle.

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