The Super Bowl binge

(NBC News) Super Bowl Sunday is not a day to diet.

Now a new study finds if your team loses, you should watch what you eat on Monday.

Researchers in France analyzed Americans' football-related food habits and found people living in cities with NFL teams consumed more calories and more saturated fat the day after a loss.

"We're more emotionally tied to our eating habits than we even realize," explains UH Case Medical Center dietitian Lisa Cimperman.

Despite the beliefs of superstitious Broncos or Seahawks fans, you cannot change the outcome of the game.

You can, however, change how you handle a tough loss.

"Either get rid of the leftovers, only make enough so you don't have leftovers, or give it away," Cimperman advises.

You can also make the party menu healthier by making chili with ground turkey or substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream and queso in dips.

Still, even sticklers for nutrition will tell you to go ahead and pig out a little on the annual day of pigskin worship.

"That one day is not that bad, you just need to get back into your healthy eating habits and exercise routine the next day," Cimperman says.

The emotional eating effect was greatest among the most impassioned, dedicated fans.

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