Surgeon uses Google Glass

CHICAGO - Thursday, a University of Chicago plastic surgeon used the wearable computer "Google Glass" in the operating room as one of hundreds of people in various industries invited to try the device.

According to NBC in Chicago, Dr. Anil Shah wore the device while operating on a patient who had smashed her nose at an amusement park.  It was considered the first rhinoplasty conducted while using the device.

The screen sits just in front of a user's right eye.  Shah predicts the device will revolutionize surgery by allowing a doctor to look at an X-Ray or MRI while also looking at the patient.  The device also has potential to let a doctor communicate with a patient's family during the procedure.

Google Glass has found other uses in the medical field.  Surgeons have used the device to transmit live video to colleagues who are far away and view medical images during surgery.

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