Rep. Frankel & Deutch blast Florida Gov. Scott over decision keeping health navigators out co blgs

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - It's estimated 300,000 Palm Beach County residents are uninsured. The big questions -- how will everyone get signed up and will there be enough trained experts to answer questions on this complicated law?

Several nonprofit agencies received government grants to hire navigators. These people will navigate you through the enrollment process. In Palm Beach County you will be deciding between 86 plans. but, the details of each one are still not public and its unclear when we'll learn more about each plan.

Congresswoman Frankel and Congressman Deutch said getting accurate information to consumers got harder because of politics.

The Governor and Florida Department of Health decided navigators will not be allowed in the county health buildings. The state said that's a standard policy, but Frankel and Deutch blasted the Governor's decision.

"Instead of giving it an opportunity to work, they want it to fail not on it's merits but by obstructing people and confusing people," said Representative Lois Frankel. 

"There are no databases that will store their medical information.  So much of the arguments that have been put forth simply aren't valid and this is unfortunately the decision made by the governor to put partisanship ahead of the health of Floridians," said Representative Ted Deutch. 

In a statement the state told Navigators, "We are treating the request for Navigators' space as any other organization that has sought to establish a physical presence in a county health department. Protecting personal health information is a high priority for the Florida Department of Health."


Private, non-profit health centers are pushing to have navigators in their clinics to make sure the uninsured get access to the coverage they need. That is just a proposal at this point, as many details of this coverage is still unfolding two weeks prior to the launch date. 


Navigators are not your only option for coverage, but non-profits say their navigators will give you an unbiased opinion for coverage. You can also use a licensed insurance agent, or sign yourself up for coverage using



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