OptOut Obamacare ads: Creepy Uncle Sam appears in doctor's office in anti-Obamacare ads (VIDEO)

Creepy or just good marketing?

The fight over the Affordable Care Act, also know as 'Obamacare,' is heading in a new direction -- aimed squarely at Millenials.

Two new ads from OptOut.org , a Virginia-based conservative group angling against Obamacare exchanges, show a scary-looking Uncle Sam where he shouldn't be -- in the exam rooms of two college-aged patients.

In the first of the two ads, a young woman arrives at the doctor, props herself in the stirrups, apparently in anticipation of a gynecological exam, when the physician leaves and Uncle Sam materializes wielding a speculum. In the second, a similar situation awaits an unsuspecting male patient.

The group's website urges visitors to share the ads in social media, and proclaims, "You are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange ! There are cheaper, better options for young people. Sign our petition and declare that you will opt-out of Obamacare."

What do you think of the ads? Check them out in the player below and let us know.

Mobile users click here to watch: (http://bit.ly/18nlKZc)

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