New state by state study shows Americans are making improvements in key health measures

A new report released Wednesday morning, finds Americans are making improvements when it comes to their health.

The American Health Rankings study also showed where states rank on a healthy level.

The report details how Americans did on a national scope in regards to health trends and challenges compared to last year.

The report focused on issues like smoking and physical inactivity.

Nationally, the number of adults who smoke regularly, declined from 21.2% to 19.6%. The rate of physical inactivity also dropped from 26.2% to 22.9%.

NewsChannel 5 Medical Expert, Dr. David Soria said smoking and physical inactivity combined can lead to poor health.

"We know that obesity in conjunction with smoking and physical inactivity increases coronary disease, the effects of diabetes, stroke, hypertension, all of which we know are the number one killer in the United State," said Dr. Soria.

Hawaii ranked number one as the healthiest state, while Mississippi came in last of the 50 states.

Florida ranked 33 rd.

In the Sunshine state, smoking decreased in adults from 19.3% to 17.7%. 2.8 million adults continue to smoke in Florida.

The study reports that 3.7 million adults are physically inactive and approximately 4 million adults are obese.

The national obesity rate was about the same as last year, at 27.6% of the adult population, making the first time since 1998 that America did not get worse in this key metric.

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