Mike Jackson: Treasure Coast man loses more than 300 pounds

Move over, Biggest Loser!

A Treasure Coast man is half the size he used to be, but says he's now twice the man.

Meet Mike Jackson. He's spent half his life being obese.

"Twenty or 21. That's when I started gaining the weight," he said.

Photos show the pounds creeping on until he weighed a whopping 525 pounds.

"At 500 and change, that's a lot of weight to carry around," he said looking at his old pictures.

He ate whatever he wanted.

"I'd order a pizza from Little Caesar's for $5 and eat half of it in one sitting."

His weight even affected his sleeping. He needed to be hooked up to a special respirator machine at night.

In 2010, when he turned 40 years old, Jackson went to the hospital for colitis.

"They had to bring a bed in from Orlando and a wheelchair because they didn't have any big enough for me to be in.

So what did he do?

How did Mike Jackson lose more than 300 pounds?

It's my special report tonight at 11 p.m. on NewsChannel 5.

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