Garald Zomermaand's Craigslist motorcycle listing saves his life, buyer Lonnie Blass rescues him

(WHO) When a Polk City man posted an ad on Craigslist, he had no idea that it would end up saving his life. An interested buyer stopped by to check out the motorcycle for sale when all of a sudden, 69-year-old Garald Zomermaand stopped breathing.

"I'm walking around the bike and I just crashed," says Zomermaand.

That's all he remembers.

"He fell against me and I didn't know what was going on. I thought maybe he tripped, but he hit the ground pretty hard," says Lonnie Blass who answered the ad.

Zomermaand's wife called 911.

"I hollered at this gentleman, do you know CPR? And he turned him over and he started the chest compressions," says Karen Zomermaand.

Blass used the training he learned years ago as a reserve deputy in Guthrie County. He says he never had to use it until now.

"I hope I never have to again," says Blass.

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