Flu season began early, in full swing

WEST PALM BEACH. Fla. - If you haven't had the flu yet, you're lucky.  Flu season began early this year and health experts expect it to be more severe than in years past.

"A lot of travelers from the northeast have been coming into the clinic with sore throat, fever, muscle aches, fatigue," said Jodi Schroeder, a physicians assistant at Palm Beach Urgent Care.

She says the number of patients with flu symptoms is double what it was this time last year.
"We've seen a strong prevalence at the emergency department as well as primary care offices for flu-like symptoms, fever body aches and so-forth," said Dr. Blake Kendall, who works at Wellington Regional's emergency room.

He has also seen an uptick in patients with the flu.  "The most important single thing that can be done for flu prevention is getting the vaccine," he said.

Doctors say there are more strains out there this season that classify as the flu and they may be sticking around longer, meaning more of us will get sick.

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