Florida Flo emerges on groundhog day, doesn't care about shadows, predicts early spring

The Legend of Flo....

Once upon a time, in the backwoods of punxsutawney....there lived a brother and sister who liked to predict the weather.  Phil and Flo grew up in central Pennsylvania, running and playing like normal groundhogs do.  Phil loved the cold, Flo did not.  Every winter she would hibernate and tell her family not to bother her until it's 80 degrees.  So she hibernated to June most years.  When she turned of age, she was determined to move to a warmer climate. Like a lot of northerners, Flo migrated to south Florida and hung out on the beach, frolicking in the warm surf and catching some rays in a bikini on the sand. She still maintains her interest in the weather, and has been studying Florida weather over all these years. She now feels she can give accurate forecasts for the sunshine state, and doesn't have to rely on her shadow.  After all....spending years on the sun drenched beaches of Florida, Flo is not afraid of her shadow.  Flo uses scientific data, and the latest forecasting models to determine when the relenting heat will return to Florida. Flo doesn't stop at forecasting the end of winter either. Since Florida's summer, not winter, tests most resident's patience....she will also predict if there will be 6 more weeks of summer, or an early fall come October 2nd.

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