'Fiscal cliff' deadline: 5 online resources for understanding the 'fiscal cliff' crisis

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - With only five days left before a deadlin e, here are five online tools to help wrap your head around the 'fiscal cliff':

-It can be tough to follow. The back-and-forth debt deal negotiations -- or lack there of. The Washington Post put together a chart to explain where the two sides stand and their plan to try to avert the cliff.

-The Wallstreet Journal also has a helpful YouTube video telling us what would happen to our country without a deal.

-For you and your family: The New York Times has put together a 'fiscal cliff' graph that includes several different scenarios. And in even more plain English, you can turn to an explainer from the Associated Press.

- The Tax Foundation has a chart that shows you how your paycheck will change and how your inheritance will be taxed without a solution.

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