Edward Snowden NSA whistle-blower: Social media users debate whether he is a traitor or hero

The debate over whether the man who leaked classified documents on the government's internet and telephone surveillance programs is a hero or traitor continues on social media. 

Both critics and supporters of Edward Snowden have been taking to social media to weigh-in on the case. Even though Snowden has not yet been formally charged, an online petition on the White House website to pardon him for any wrongdoing has gained more than 53,000 signatures so far. 

There is also a crowdfunding campaign on the website, Crowdtilt, that is aimed at rewarding Snowden for his 'courage', according to the campaign's title.

Others, such as House Speaker John Boehner, have called Snowden a traitor. And New York Rep. Peter King thinks he should be prosecuted.

On Facebook, pages supporting Snowden are also filled with comments from critics who argue the threat of terrorism, including the recent Boston Bombings, is why we need government surveillance programs.

Feelings about Edward Snowden run the gamut. For many, how to classify him is not an easier answer. 

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