Customers hope to buy the winning powerball, Mega Millions tickets at the right location

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Thomas Thompson has been lucky in the past when it comes to winning money.

"I've gotten about $6,000 off of four numbers once. Between me and my mom, close to $13,000 through scratch offs," said Thompson.

Thompson hoped to find luck again Wednesday at the 7-eleven on Congress Avenue.

There, owner Mohammad Azeem has seen some significant wins.

Records show that the location has delivered more than 100 winning lottery tickets, with combined values of more than $500,000.

But never before has a winning Powerball ticket been sold at that location.

Azeem hopes to end that.

"I wish them good luck, and say remember me, and give me a percentage," Azeem said.

Azeem says he's also excited to give customers one more way to win.

His store is one of many across Florida that will now be selling Mega Millions tickets for the first time Thursday.

Thompson bought three tickets Thursday, with hopes of striking it rich.

"First I'd get my mom out of the hospital, and get out of Florida," Thompson said. "Maybe one of my buddies will get it too. All for one, one for all."

The $190 million Mega Millions drawing will be on Friday.

The Powerball numbers will be drawn Wednesday.

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