Cuban American Club mourns members after shooting in West Palm Beach kills a man, injures a woman


The Cuban-American community in West Palm Beach is in shock and mourning.  On Thursday night, a shooting at a medical center killed Luiz Gonzalez and injured Ana Villa. Both are members of the Cuban American Club.


It happened at Doctor's Choice Medical. Friends of the victims say a contractor shot the couple after an argument. Detectives say the shooter, Jose Vega, then turned the gun on himself.  


Gonzalez died at the scene. Villa is listed in fair condition at Delray Medical Center.


The crime was a shock to club members. Villa sits on the board of directors. 


"She's just a wonderful person," says friend Millie Espinoza, "I've known the children since they were little."


Villa is known as Anita to club members. Friends say she and Gonzalez went everywhere together. They've been a couple for about three years.  


Gonzalez was known as a fun loving guy. 


"He always tried to sing and made us laugh," says friend Jorge Avellana, "He never remembered the song, he made it up and we had a great time."


It's hard to believe his life ended so violently.  


"It seems every day that we live in a more violent society," says Avellana.


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