Condado Condos: High tide concerns Singer Island community

Fingers will be crossed this week at the Condado Condos.
"It gets nerve wracking," said Rita Borraccio. "You have no idea what to do when you get up in the morning, what to expect."
The wind brought high tides Monday night and may do so the rest of the week.
Water is lapping against the sea wall of the building built in 1957, taking sand that keeps their buildings sturdy, along with it.
Their sea wall is holding, for now.
"Last year during Hurricane Sandy, it came around the back of the sea wall, and took out the boulders," said Debbie Wangrud.
Every year, the county does a dune renourishment project here to keep the beach from disappearing too quickly.
But this year, they didn't do one because there were so few major storms.
"The ocean for the most part is beautiful, but days like this make you think that we're all pretty vulnerable," said Wangrud.
"Something like this, if it goes on long enough, all the beach sand that was put in for restoration will disappear," said Borraccio.
Neighbors have been pushing for a breakwater dune to be built off shore, saying it could help blunt the impact of strong water.
The county tells us its been held up for years over concerns of environmental impact.
Neighbors say their entire community may depend on it.
"I keep saying I'm going to go down with the ship," said Wangrud. "Most of the neighbors don't, my husband says no. There's many in our group that would sell in a minute."
County environmental services says they have a commitment to protecting the Condado Condos.
They say they'll be able to do so once funding and permits are available.
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