Cold weather causing respiratory problems

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Seven year old Jaiwon Davis has been to two hospitals in one day.

His mother says his asthma got out of control. She took him to the emergency room."The treatments weren't working over there. so we transferred him over here to this hospital, so we came here, " she said.
Doctor Jamie Marchand at St. Mary's Medical Center, says the cold weather can cause some children to have respiratory problems or aggravate an existing problem. He said, "Their immunity is not as as strong we are, by the time we reach adulthood, you  have been exposed to so many viruses and bacteria that you develop immunity".

Dr. Marchand says, children visiting the emergency room because of the cold will increase 50 percent in the next few days. His advice-- "Strict hand washing for children and minimize exposure to the cold. Don't hesitate to come to the emergency room if you have a high fever."


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