Boston Marathon explosions update: Shock at 'Boston's on the Beach' after attack

Boston's on the Beach in Delray is a magnet for Bostonians who are in South Florida.

It often centers around the city's sports teams.

Monday night, it centered around grief.

"I'm supposed to be on vacation, but all I can think of is back home," said Fred Jackson.

That was the feeling, as Bostonians in Boston's reflected on a day that started as one of the cheeriest on the city's calendar.

"I have family, I have friends who were at the event today and my first thought was to call them," said Caleb Giustra.

But some had trouble getting through. 

Cell phone service in Beantown was shutdown briefly after the attacks. 

Tim McKinney spent 90 minutes in his Delray Beach hotel room wondering about his children, knowing at least one of them was there.

"We were both on our knees the whole time," said Mickinney.

The bombing happened while the Stevens family was flying from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. 

They landed and heard.

"The first thing that came to mind was 9/11, and how unified we became after 9/11. So when I thought about what happened in Boston today, I thought it was a cowardly act, but it will strengthen us too," said Kate Stevens.

Giustra says Boston is now a victim of terror.

"Anytime you lose lives and people get hurt, I think it goes into that category. It's not as severe as a 9/11, but it hurts just as bad."

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