Blue Heron Blvd reopens after street flooded

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Roads were blocked and drivers were hindered by flooded roads in Riviera Beach throughout much of Monday.

A two-block section of Blue Heron Boulevard was closed for much of the day. Police shut down the area from Australian Avenue to Avenue P, as the intersection at Avenue O was submerged. The City of Riviera Beach says the intersection is flooded about twice a year.

Front-end loaders were used to shove waves of water away, promoting drainage from the rain-soaked intersection. 

Timothy Rolling has been living in Riviera Beach in an apartment that faces Blue Heron Boulevard. He says during hard rains, deep puddles creep up from the canals behind his home and on the road in front of it.

"Now I just came in from work and I couldn't even get into the house because the police came and roped it all off, so I went and got something to eat, go to the grocery store, and I came back, and they still got the road blocked off," he said.

One vehicle was disabled and left abandoned along Australian Avenue around 1p.m. in a lane of traffic that was underwater.  In intersections, cars made waves. Along 13th Street, semi trucks carefully navigated water, having trouble telling the difference between sidewalks and streets.

Blue Heron Boulevard was reopened to traffic in both directions around 4:30p.m. Monday.

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