Attacks in Iraq kill 16 people, 8 policemen kidnapped

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Shootings and bombings have killed at least 16 people in Iraq today. And gunmen abducted eight policemen guarding a post on the country's main highway to Jordan and Syria.

The events follow three days of attacks that killed 130 people in both Shiite and Sunni areas.

A spike in bloodshed in recent weeks has raised fears the country may be heading toward a new round of sectarian conflict.

In the deadliest of today's attacks, gunmen broke into the house of an anti-terrorism police captain in the southern suburbs of Baghdad, killing the officer, his wife and two children in their sleep. The attackers fled the scene, and killed another policeman who tried to stop them at a nearby checkpoint.

The kidnappings occurred in the western Sunni province of Anbar. Two police officials say gunmen abducted eight policemen who were guarding a post on the main highway linking Iraq to both Jordan and Syria. Earlier in the day, security forces and gunmen clashed in the area after police tried to arrest a Sunni tribal sheik suspected of involvement in the killing of three army intelligence soldiers last month.

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