Angel in the sky: South Florida photographer talks about 'angel photo' she took

Just hours after white smoke signaled  that a new pope was named some South Floridians saw a different sign of faith in the sky.

Diane Barnwell was among them. She snapped a photo resembling an angel outside of the mall in Wellington.

"It looks like an angel to me, it really, really does.(laughs)," she said.

Which is why Diane grabbed her cell phone and snapped a few photos.

"I thought 'wow, this is really something, you know?' It made me feel like something is watching over us. And I know the pope was elected yesterday so maybe that was a sign that God is happy with what's happened."

We received several similar photos of the phenomenon here at NewsChannel 5 from all around South Florida.... some from different angles.


A pontifical prophecy? Or just a cirrus cloud at sunset?  Or……even a hoax?

Count Jessica Haislip among the skeptical. "I think the photos could've been photo-shopped because I tend to be more scientific minded and question things more."

The photos instantly went viral. Social media has been bursting with different opinions.

Raymond Russo of St. Ann Catholic Church in West Palm Beach sees a different spiritual leader in that cloud.
"To me it looks like Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit all in one, coming to give us a message of good tidings."

Father Nestor Rodriguez is the pastor St. Ann Catholic Church, he says, "Obviously people will see different things, but I think if it's significant for people of faith…if it gives us inspiration…glory to God!"


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