Amanda Knox sometimes is paralyzed with anxiety when thinking about her roomate's death

Knox was convicted and then aquitted of murder

SEATTLE (AP) -- Amanda Knox says in a new interview that she's sometimes "paralyzed" with anxiety stemming from the death of her roommate in Italy and the trial that saw her convicted, then acquitted, in a case that made headlines across the globe.


Knox recently spoke to People magazine over several days at her in mother's home in Seattle.


Last month, Italy's highest criminal court overturned her acquittal in the 2007 slaying of British student Meredith Kercher and ordered a new trial. Italian law cannot compel Knox to return for the new legal proceeding.


Knox tells People she is still dealing with difficult emotions. Her full interview will be published in the magazine's April 26 edition.


She has a memoir, "Waiting to Be Heard," due out April 30.



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