Aldo Alvarez's mother says she did not apologize to the deputy who shot her son

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A debate is brewing over a hug between the woman whose son was shot by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua McGehee.

According to newly released discovery in the Aldo Alvarez case,  documents show that the deputy told investigators that Ana Alvarez hugged him and was apologetic days after the shooting.

But Ana Alvarez says that did not happen and she would not embrace the man who shot her son.

"I heard someone calling me when I was walking down the street and calling my name. I saw someone running toward me and he immediately hugged me. I didn't even have time to see his face," Ana Alvarez says.

Alvarez's son Aldo is charged after investigators say he attacked the deputy in his driveway. The deputy shot Alvarez multiple times and claims self defense. Alvarez and the deputy live across the street from each other.

Alvarez and his attorney Wayne Richter say the circumstances surrounding the confrontation don't add up and they are asking for the charges to be dropped.

Meanwhile, Alvarez's mother Ana insists she never hugged or apologized to the deputy.

"I didn't want him there approaching me. To tell you the truth, he scares me," Ana Alvarez said.

Alvarez's attorney says he plans to meet with the State Attorney's Office to discuss the charges. The next court date is not until October.

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