A local security expert is questioning why police didn't notice the bombs in Boston

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Looking at the latest pictures coming out of Boston, security expert Marvin Badler says he immediately zeros in on a suspicious backpack.

"This is something I would have noticed if I was out there. This is something law enforcement should have been looking for," Badler says.

Badler is the former American director for El Al Airlines. He is questioning why no one, including police, noticed the suspicious backpack that investigators have not confirmed was indeed one of the bombs.

He also says people in the crowd should have been looking out for anything suspicious.

"In Israel, if something is out of place, they notice it right away. We need to start doing that here," Badler said.

Investigators say pressure cookers were likely used to create the bombs. Badler says the pressure cooker bombs are becoming more popular around the world.

He says every American has to be subconsciously on the lookout.

"The United States is reactive. We have to be more proactive with everything we do as  far as security is involved," Badler said.

Badler says the reason the bombs didn't do more structural damage is because they are designed to hit soft targets, mainly people.

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