Peek inside a $59 million Palm Beach estate and learn the unusual recipient of its sale profits

Fifty-nine million dollars buys you more than just a house on Palm Beach. It buys a compound of more than four 4 acres of lush gardens, fountains and 150 feet of oceanfront.

"It's a one of a kind, I think people at this level cherish buying something that cannot be duplicated," said Realtor Paulette Koch.
She says the land alone is worth in the mid $40 million range. Then there are the houses; two main residences and 3 guest or staff houses.
The estate was owned by the late billionaire entrepreneur, John Kluge. Now it's up for sale.
Join me for a tour of this unique slice of Palm Beach life, and hear the unusual way the profits from the sale of the house will be used.
That's Wednesday night at 11 on NewsChannel 5.
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