Gas price apps for Smartphones

Don't Waste Your Money

Just when it seemed we were getting a breather from the weekly jump in gas prices, they have moved up again, with a vengeance.

5 states right now average more than $4 for regular gas, and that number is expected to rise in the coming weeks.

One driver told us "I think it is ridiculous! It is unbelievable, how high gas is right now."

Several Contributing Factors

You can blame the price of oil,which has hit $110 a barrel. Two events are triggering the continued rise in oil:

  • Unrest in Libya and the Middle East.
  • And new predictions for a big summer driving season, as more drivers hit the roads to avoid soaring airfares.

But that prediction of more driving demand could be short lived, if prices keep rising above $4.

Apps to find lower gas prices

The good news is that in this Smartphone age, its easy to find cheaper gas nearby.

To find cheaper gas prices near you, search in your Smartphone's app store for one of these apps:

  • GasBuddy (free for iPhone or Android phones, user info)
  • Fuel Finder ($2.99, but more detailed.  iPhone only, user info)
  • I Gas Up (99 cents, but uses official credit card receipt info for accuracy)

No Smartphone?  Click here to find gas prices on the website.

As always, don't waste your money.


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