Top domestic airlines 2013: releases report on airline rankings

The website has released its latest report on airline rankings.

The rankings are based on fewest canceled flights, on-time arrivals, fewest mishandled bags, amount of denied boardings and customer satisfaction. 

The two airlines that scored at the top of the list don't fly out of Palm Beach International, but local travelers can catch a flight on Jet Blue, which ranked third on the list.

Top 10 domestic airlines

1. Frontier
2. Virgin America
3. JetBlue
4. Alaska
5. Southwest
6. Delta
7. AirTran
8. US Airways
9. America
10. United

New this year, AirTran dropped four spots from last year when it was ranked third. This year is was ranked seventh on the list.

AirTran came in last in several performance areas including fewest canceled flights and on-time arrivals.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the website compiles their data from the Department of Transportation.

For a full look at how the airlines ranked, visit:

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