Top 5 ways to safeguard your home

5 tips to deter theives and keep homes safe

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -  With the help of Jupiter police officer Adam Brown, we created a list of the top five ways to keep your home safe.

#1 Keep shrubs and trees trimmed
  How your house looks from the outside can make the difference of if your house is targeted. 
Overgrown trees and shrubs that hide doors and windows can also hide thieves.

#2 Don't hide a key
   It may be convenient to hide a key under a rock or mat but thieves could find our hiding places and have easy access into your home.

Officer Brown said, "If you need to leave a key for somebody, think of a better way to get that key to that person."

#3 Have good locks
  Not all locks are created equally.
  You'll want to make sure you have a deadbolt lock and that bolt should be at least one inch long...
  One place you can't put a deadbolt: a sliding glass door.
  these doors are the often the first place a burglar will go to pick the lock and lift the door off its track.

Officer Brown said, "If you install a bar lock, you know, to hold that door shut, that should prevent individuals from being able to get in that way."

#4 Engrave electronics and jewelry
  Marking your valuables is a good idea to help in case you do become a victim of crime.

  Officer Brown said, "When we do recover it, it's easy to identify that object and get it back to you as quickly as possible."

#5 Schedule a home survey
  Most police departments will schedule a time to come out to your house to do a security survey.
The best part is it's free.
"We'll go through your property and give you ideas on how you can better protect yourself and safeguard your property," said Officer Brown.

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