Television sales could see a surge this week leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl game

(NBC News) A survey by shows 30 percent of Americans are planning to buy a new television this year, and a third of those people are buying right now in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

But getting a bigger, better view of the game is only one reason for the surge in sales.

"I think the main reason you're going to see great deals on TVs at this time of year is that most of the new models are coming out in March," says's Trae Bodge.

That means the 2013 models have been discounted to make room.

And just in time to help buyers make an educated choice, Consumer Reports has just come out with its list of the best performers.

"We looked primarily at a 60-inch because a lot of people who are buying a TV for the Super Bowl are looking for a big TV," says Consumer Reports Senior Editor Jim Wilcox.

Wilcox says it'll cost you at least $1,500 to get one of the best performing TVs, or up to $3,500, for one from flagship manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, Samsung or Sony.

He's also fond of lower-priced models like the Vizio E-Series that Walmart is offering for $800.

"It's got a great picture quality, and it's got a lot of features," Wilcox says. "It has a Smart TV platform, and so you're really not giving up any features and it's only $800."

That price also plays into what found in its survey, that nearly half the buyers say they'll be looking mostly at the cost of a new TV.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel