Stephen Bonanno Sandals 50th anniversary sale causes delivery delays that concern customers

Women waiting since January for sandals

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Over the last 50 years of business, Stephen Bonanno Sandals built a strong following.

"This is my first pair. The traditional that Jackie Onassis would have worn," said sandal enthusiast Sheri Reymond.

Many of the sandals cost over $100, but Stephen Bonanno discounted that price for a 50th anniversary sale in January.

"I immediately called my friend, and said you won't believe it there's a 50-percent off sale. Let's go for it," Reymond explained.

"It was a great deal," friend Amy Hammons said.

The demand for the deal was overwhelming, and it's causing delays. Stephen Bonanno said 4,000 orders were placed, and they are used to 100-200 during a sale.

The woman said they can't get a response to their emails or phone calls. Out of state and out of options, they called the Consumer Watchdog.

"Mostly I'm concerned the company has gone out of business and we'll never get another pair of Stephen Bonanno Sandals," said Reymond

Stephen Bonanno said he's not going anywhere. His doors are still open. Bonanno apologized for the inconvenience but says it's taking longer than expected to make all the shoes. Each pair takes 2 hours to make, and they typically produce 50 pairs a day. The company said orders are going out daily, but they can't promise a delivery date.

Stephen Bonanno Sandals said orders for Reymond and Hammons should be delivered in a week.

"I would rather have my shoes than have my money back quite honestly," said Reymond.

The women can't get their money back because too much time has passed to dispute the charge on their credit card.

Stephen Bonanno Sandals has an apology on its website, and says it's trying to respond to phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.


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