Ryder Moving and Storage fined by Dept. of Transportation and can't move customers out of state

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - The Department of Transportation took action after a Consumer Watchdog investigation exposed a South Florida moving company that customers say didn't deliver their personal belongings. Customers complained of phone calls that were not returned, and missed deadlines.

Ryder Moving and Storage's DOT number is listed as "out of service." The company is also unable to move people from state to state.

"The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revoked the interstate operating authority of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Ryder Moving and Storage, USDOT No. 2305174, for serious violations of federal safety regulations," said spokesman for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Duane DeBruyne.

The company is also facing a $50,260 fine for safety and commercial regulation violations.

"The company is currently not allowed to operate in interstate commerce," said DeBruyne.

According to federal regulators, the company was fined for the following violations:

395.8(a) Hours-of-service
391.45(a) Medical certificate
391.51(a) Driver qualification files
375.205(b) Records maintenance
375.207(a) False or deceptive advertising
375.215 False or deceptive billing
375.221(a) Collection of billing charges
375.503(e) Billing records maintenance
375.505(d) Retention of bills of lading
392.9a(a)(1) Operating without USDOT authority
375.403(a)(7) Failure to execute binding estimate

We continue to get calls from across the country from customers who don't have their items.

One customer in Ohio sent a Florida relative to pick up her boxes at a storage unit, but others don't have that option.

An employee told us some items have been delivered, and everyone's items are not in storage units. He could not explain the delays.

The movers are also facing legal action.

The global transportation company "Ryder System" sued the company when customers called them looking for their items. The 2 companies are not related, but some customers didn't know that. The Pompano movers were forced to drop any reference to Ryder and changed their name to Storage and Moving Services.

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