Rodents and rats munching their way through 3 restaurants

Boca Diner, Masa Hibachi, & China Queen closed

WEST PALM BEACH - State safety and sanitation inspectors found rodents and roaches running around South Florida restaurants. A diner, Chinese, and Japanese restaurant were shut down by state inspectors this week.

For 22 years, the Pelekanos family has been serving breakfast and dinner favorites at the Boca Diner.

"It's owned by Greeks, but it's an American menu," said regular customer John Gill.

He thinks the restaurant is clean, but a state inspector didn't like what she saw. The restaurant was shut down last week.

"I  said to her what's 'wrong with you? You are wielding your power like a shield, and you are slitting the throat of the people who work here.' I said 'why are you doing this to us?" said co-owner Maria Pelekanos.

The inspector found 10 roaches near the ice cream freezer, cook line, and grill. Pelekanos said there were not that many.

"We found one dead," Maria explained.

State inspectors were just at the diner three weeks ago. At the time management blamed a new inspector for all these issues. For example, management said red lentil beans were mistaken  for rodent droppings.  They fell on the ground, rolled into a dark place, and got wet.

"Sometimes they spill down there. After you clean them. They sit for a few days. They become black and puffy," said co-owner John Pelekanos.

The Boca Diner said they've never had rodents, and many of the previous issues made it into the most recent report even if they were fixed.

"She was out to get us both times she came," said John.

Boca Diner is back open for business. Click here to read their recent inspection reports.

Chinese restaurant shut down
Inspectors found rats and roaches at China Queen, 926 S. Military Trail #106, in West Palm Beach.

A stop sale was issued for the sweet rice and dry strawberry Jell-O. Rodent droppings were found in the rice, and the roaches were running around the kitchen.

"What's sweet rice? We don't sell sweet rice," a worker said. The restaurant was shut down temporarily, but is back open.

Click here to read China Queen's recent inspection reports.

Japanese restaurant shut down
At Masa Hibachi, 4801 Linton Blvd. #B5-B8, in Delray Beach inspectors found 25 dead roaches.

"We have a big restaurant. Any restaurant always have it like that," said Manager Saman Vongasa. "We try to keep clean, but sometimes they come."

The manager blamed the cardboard boxes and overseas products for the roaches.

The restaurant was shut down until the roach mess was cleaned.

Click here to read the recent inspection reports for Masa Hibachi.

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