Practice using tools to find your stolen or lost smartphone so you're ready if a thief strikes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Smartphones are the new target of criminals. It's a way to make quick cash with little trace of their crime. Would you know what to do if your phone was stolen? Experts say you should conduct a drill like you would a fire drill.

"The longer you wait the further away the device gets, and the harder it is for you to track that down. It's important for everyone to be proactive in those catastrophic scenarios where their device is missing and they don't know where to find it," said Jason Thomas of Palm Beach Atlantic Director of Technology Support and Media Services.

If your phone is stolen you can remotely track it, but would you know the website to go?

With an iPhone, you go to the iCloud and you can track your phone on a map or even ring it remotely. You just log in with your Apple ID.

With an Android, go to the Android Device Manager.

Experts say get yourself familiar with these programs now so you are prepared when your phone is lost or stolen.

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