Police arrest debit card fraud suspect who allegedly used customers cards to pay for her ill child

Victim calls Consumer Watchdog for help getting $

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A gas station clerk was arrested for allegedly making fraudulent purchases with debit cards, but one victim said she's still being victimized. This time by her bank.

If you're a victim of debit card fraud, your funds are gone immediately. It can also take longer to get your stolen money back than it would if you used a credit card.

After making a purchase at a Palm Beach Gardens ExxonMobil gas station, 9890 Alternate A1A, Teresa LaConte-Graden says money began trickling out of her account.

"I got mad at my husband. I said 'what are you buying?' He said 'it's not me,' " LaConte-Graden explained.

The debits were small, often $50, but they added up to over $500.

After several days of activity, Bank of America and LaConte-Graden caught on to the alleged fraud.

"I was very angry. I was mad that someone would try to take advantage of me," LaConte-Graden explained.

In May, Bank of America issued LaConte-Graden a temporary credit while they investigated the alleged fraud.

In June, police arrested a cashier at the Exxon station. According to the probable cause affidavit, the clerk admitted to using other people's cards to get cash for her ill child.

Even with an arrest, the bank reversed LaConte-Graden's credit in July once again leaving her with a negative balance.

"I was losing money after being robbed, and now the bank is taking the money back. It was a real mess," LaConte-Graden explained.

Bank of America said it reversed the credit because it didn't receive all of LaConte-Graden's paperwork detailing the fraud.

Whenever you fax something to a company, get a receipt, so you have proof your documents were sent.

"Once you got involved I got a call that very day," LaConte-Graden explained.

Bank of America re-deposited the stolen money and reversed the overdraft charges.

"Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it because if you had not gotten involved I would not have gotten this done so quickly," LaConte-Graden said.

This case proves why you need to check your debit and credit card statements on a regular basis. Long after police arrested the suspect, victims were still coming forward.

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