Mugshot website wants money to remove bad information linking Lake Worth home to felon

Consumer Watchdog gets action

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - You've heard of identity theft, but here's a new twist. A Lake Worth man said his address was stolen, and it's causing him more headaches than you can imagine.

Have you ever searched your name or address online? You may be surprised what shows up. Once it's online, even if the information is wrong, it's hard to get it removed.

Day after day, Robert Utter went to his mailbox, and inside was mail that came to the right address with the name of a woman he says he didn't know.

Many letters were official notices from the county court system.

"We went online and Googled her name and walah there she was," Utter explained.

That woman listed as living at his Lake Worth address is Danaisy Soria, a convicted felon with a small list of run-ins with police with charges ranging from battery to theft, and failing to appear in court.

It appears she gave Utter's address as her own when she was arrested earlier this year.

"I don't know where she would have come up with it or why or how, but I don't like it," Utter explained.

He really didn't like it when two Sheriff's deputies showed up at his home one day.

It was two guys that came dressed in full gear wearing task force uniforms looking for her," Utter explained.

What has Utter really upset is his address listed on the website, The site has Soria's picture and his address, and even includes a map to his home.

"If there's someone out there that wants revenge on that person, there is my address with a shot of my house," Utter said.

"Whether it's correct or not, it's out there," said Paige explained.

Patrick Paige is with Computer Forensics LLC and said websites that show mugshots and other public information often require to be paid to remove the information.

"You have to pay them sort of a ransom to remove your information.  Right or wrong. That information is out there," Paige explained.

That's what Utter found out when he asked the site to remove his address from Soria's mugshot.  When the Consumer Watchdog reached out to they promptly deleted Uter's address.

We found out that getting it removed permanently from the Sheriff's records will be tougher, and will require a court order.

"I shouldn't have to go through hoops to get that done," Utter said.

We contacted the state attorney and they are working on fixing the address mixup, but her address is already changing in the system. Her last address was the County Detention Center where we were unable to reach the woman.

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