More younger people saving more for retirement

(NBC News) New research shows how much the great recession changed the way many Americans now view their retirement.

"37 percent this year said they don't plan on retiring. They think they're going to have to work until they either die or they're too sick to retire," notes Laurie Nordquist of Wells Fargo Retirement & Trusts.

It's also led many to take a more realistic look at their current financial picture.

"We've seen more Americans setting a financial resolution now than at any point over the last five years, but there's definitely a difference by generation and by age group," says Ken Hevert of Fidelity Investments.

Hevert says their information indicates that younger generations may have learned from watching what their elders went through when the stock market plunged and home values took a dive.

"Younger individuals are definitely stepping up and starting to take a good look at how important it is to have control over their personal finances," he says.

They're doing so with unprecedented access to real time information and financial education, using technology that puts financial literacy at their fingertips.

Financial companies are beginning to take note and are moving into social media to try to establish dialogue with younger savers.

They're also adding apps and even designing new offices to attract the mobile generation who seem more determined than ever to make financial resolutions, and keep them

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