Millions are expected to fly or drive back home on the busiest travel day after Thanksgiving

Millions of people will head home today after spending the thanksgiving holiday with loved ones.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after, are two of the busiest travel days around Thanksgiving.

The majority of travelers will not be impacted by the weather compared to last week when more than 600 flights were canceled.

Whether you're flying or driving, AAA said more people when travel back home today. offers these travel tips. 

If you're flying, check in online prior to going to the airport, arrive early and travel as light as possible. 

If you're driving, keep in mind the major highways may be packed with traffic. 

Use a GPS to find an alternate route, have change ready for tolls, pack plenty of snacks and fill up on gas.

AAA estimates nearly 43 million Americans travel during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Travel experts suggest possibly waiting until Monday or Tuesday to avoid the travel rush.

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