Lantana family takes baths from water heated on stove due to water heater not working for weeks

Gets help from the Consumer Watchdog

LANTANA, Fla. - Taking a pot of water from the sink, to the stove, to the bathtub, just to bathe the family. It's a nightly ritual at the Thompson household in Lantana.

"I am beyond frustrated," said Janet Thompson. 

Thompson said her hot water hasn't worked right since she got a new water heater in November.

She said it quits working every few weeks, and she's had to buy more gas than usual.

"Every technician that has come out they check the ground, oh no, there's no leak. It's obviously installed incorrectly. The fuel is going somewhere. The gas is going somewhere," said Thompson. 

Thompson called the Consumer Watchdog after five days without gas.

Florida Public Utilities said its records didn't show a pattern of service calls so it didn't realize there was an ongoing problem.

Within hours of our calls, Florida Public Utilities replaced Thompson's old water heater with a new one. 

During installation, a water leak was also found in Thompson's home which may have complicated the problem.

She'll have a little extra money to get that fixed because Florida Public Utilities is refunding her $800 since her gas bills were higher than normal during the two months she had problems.

The first thing I'm going to do is shower and wash my hair!" exclaimed Thompson. 




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