Palm Beach County Health Department employee accused of stealing hundreds of identities

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- Hundreds of people in Palm Beach County will be receiving letters in the mail from the Health Department, warning them of potential identification theft.

In summer of 2012, a Palm Beach County Health Department employee was fired under suspicion that they had stolen names, birth dates and social security numbers from patients at the department's clinics.  Hundreds of fraudulent tax returns had been filed.

Since that time, the IRS and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office have been conducting federal and local investigations.  As the investigation is still underway, the name of the person believed to be responsible has not been released to the public.  

The Health Department of Palm Beach County says that the IRS notified them more letters needed to be sent out, focusing on those who have used the clinic with the birth date between 1991 and 1996.

Tim O'Connor, a spokesperson for the Health Department, said, "We're just trying to narrow it down as, you know, and saying especially these people who normally wouldn't be looking even for a credit history."

More people could be notified in the future, as the investigations continue.  

It is not believed that medical information, bank accounts, credit card details or other information was included, but names, dates of birth and social security numbers were disclosed to an authorized source.

Those who have used Palm Beach County Health Department clinics in the past are asked to check credit histories and contact the Health Department, the FTC and the IRS if they have questions.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office: 561-688-3771