Little Italy, Kyber Kabab House, Regency Park of Vero Beach had most issues

WEST PALM BEACH - Sewage, a rat, and mold. Just three of the problems found in area restaurants this week.

Visiting from Australia, Paul and Fay Wyer are munching their way through South Florida enjoying all of Delray's dishes.

"We like to eat in clean places," the couple said.

Places along the water may offer a great view, but Deck 84 (840 E. Atlantic Ave) said it also makes them sensitive to an unwanted guest. Water rats are crawling out of the water.

A state inspector found a dead rat under the ice machine outside on the deck.

Deck 84 says they use exterior traps to keep the rodents from moving inside, but, did they make it inside?

An inspector said 7 rodent droppings were inside near the water heater. The Executive Chef didn't think they were droppings, but didn't argue with the inspector who is there to make the restaurant better.

Paul and Fay Wyer understand.

"We live on the river in Australia and our place is clean. We get water rats that come up out of the water and we have baits in our garden to get rid of them," Wyer explained.

The restaurant said it got rid of all 20 issues, and does self-inspections through an independent company to make sure the restaurant is compliant year round.

40 violations at Little Italy
There are twice as many issues at Little Italy at 3116 S Military Trail in West Palm Beach.

The restaurant had to stop selling olives because the can was rusty or dented can and a stop sale was issued for pizza by the slice.

The restaurant didn't realize it needs to tell customers when the slices were cooked.

The cook says he's shorthanded and none of the 40 issues would make someone sick.

He admits he needs to stay on top of the cleaning.

Click here to search Little Italy's recent inspection reports.

Khyber Kabab House had 35 issues
At the Khyber Kabab House at 4422 Forest Hill Blvd in West Palm Beach, inspectors found 35 issues. Ten were a high priority.

The owner said the grease trap was cleaned outside, And inside workers cleared a sewage line.

The inspector said it was backing up through floor drains and smelled.

The restaurant fixed most of the issues, and got extra time to fix the rest.

Click here to see Khyber Kabab House inspection reports.

Regency Park of Vero Beach had 25 issues
The third highest offender is a kitchen that serves food to a retirement community.

Regency Park of Vero Beach at 910 Regency Square had mold like substance on the ice chute and machine.

The kitchen also was cited for a temperature issue with foods on the buffet.

Regency Park Executive Director Sharon Benjamin said, "The safety and well-being of residents is the #1 concern of Regency Park.  We are aware of a health inspection conducted at Regency Park last week in which the community received a number of violations. The items cited by the inspector were corrected immediately thereafter.  As noted in the report, two of the six high priority issues were corrected on the spot.

Two other issues involved food that was stored at a temperature very close to the required temperature.  One of the issues involved an employee opportunity, and the employee was in-serviced on the spot.

Regency Park has taken actions to ensure that Florida's sanitation and safety laws are met, and is cooperating with the appropriate agencies and authorities to ensure continued compliance."

Click here to see Regency Park's recent inspection reports.

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