Experts say students drinking hand sanitizer and huffing computer duster

Students need to head back to school with hundreds of dollars in supplies, and experts are issuing a warning about two of those products on some lists.

Hand sanitizer and computer duster are household products that may seem harmless, but substance abuse experts say they can be dangerous and even deadly.

Hand sanitizer is loaded with alcohol to keep your hands clean. Experts say teens are drinking it by the bottle since they can't buy alcohol on their own. Plus, it's cheap.

While experts don't want hand sanitizer banned, they say you need to be watchful.

Teens are also sniffing computer duster. It's intended to clean keyboards, but teens use it to get high.

Think it can't happen to your kid, experts say it can and does.

"A local girl in our recovery community died as an overdose as a result of huffing the computer duster," The Recovery Team Program Director,Terry Marvin said.

Police found the woman dead in a Walmart parking lot.

Experts say if your child has an excessive amount of duster or hand sanitizer in their backpack or room, you should be concerned.

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