South Dakota School of Mines, Nexus experimental biometric payment system tested

Students pay by linking accounts to their prints

(KNBN) South Dakota School of Mines is partnering with Nexus to change the way you pay.

Instead of using cash and cards, students pay by linking accounts to their fingerprints.

"The technology is biocryptology. And it is basically coined, a word that was coined by its inventor. It is a way of explaining how this type of technology is used. It's an encrypted technology. It kinda goes out and finds you as your ghost," explains Nexus USA President Al Maas.

The device, which has yet to be named, uses a radio wave to locate points on your finger, up to seven layers deep, to identify you as being you.

And because it is a radio wave, it doesn't use fingerprints, thus making it nearly impossible for a criminal to steal your identity.

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